Want to learn Cubase or

  How to Mix & Master?

I will provide Cubase specific training or will teach you the fundamentals of Mixing & Mastering

1-on-1 Training


I will teach you as much or as little as you'd like to know about Cubase.


I will teach you how to get professional quality mixes.


I will teach you how to get professional quality masters and how it's different from mixing.




My name is Kevin Ulliac. My preferred DAW is Cubase. I've been using it extensively since version 6.5 and I post tons of Cubase tutorials on my YouTube channel.

I specialize in mixing Rock/Indie & Electronic Music. I'm a drummer, guitarist, and Electronic Music Producer, but my biggest passion is Mixing & Mastering.


The Process


I send you a quote. Submit a 25% deposit and we will choose a start date on when to start your training. I will put together a curriculum based on your specific needs.


If you want to sharpen your Cubase skills, I will provide custom tailored Cubase training for Groove Agent, Halion, Sampler Track, VariAudio, Group Editing, and more. You choose what parts of Cubase you'd like to learn.


If your mixes are dull, muddy, and have no punch, then I can teach you the fundamentals of EQ, Compression, and all the things that go into making professional quality mixes.


If you don't understand the difference between Mixing & Mastering, then I'll show you step by step, how and why mastering is treated as a separate process. I'll show you how to get professional masters.


If you want professional constructive feedback on one of your mixes or masters, then I will go over your entire project, track by track, providing in-depth advice on where you did well and where you can improve.


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