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I help Bands & Electronic Music Producers turn their raw recordings into professional quality Mixes & Masters. I also teach fundamentals of Mixing & Mastering, and provide Cubase specific training.

The primary focus of Vintique Sound is to help Rock & Indie Bands and Electronic Music Producers turn their raw recordings into professional quality Mixes & Masters. I also provide Cubase specific training & teach the fundamentals of Mixing & Mastering. The goal of my YouTube Channel is to help you learn more about your DAW, to provide you with insightful Mixing and Mastering tutorials, and tips & tricks that will help elevate your music productions skills.


Music has always been an important part of my life. I remember when I was a tiny human and used to bang away on a homemade drum kit made out of strategically placed margarine containers and ice cream pales. The faux drum set was quickly replaced with a novice sized orange sparkle drum kit bought at a garage sale and an electric guitar & amp kit from Costco (and thankfully I've upgraded all of that gear as the years went by).

​My first band was called "Doofeye." We were a cover band and played our first concert called "Doofest 2002." I switched out between drummer and guitarist. I was the drummer in two other bands "Lacewing" & "The Equation" (all originals this time). And I even started my own 1-piece band called "Sirloin Casket" which was my creative outlet to experiment with different genres.


I was experimenting with Recording/Mixing/Mastering as of about 2002. My first DAW was Cool Edit Pro, then Adobe Audition once they bought them out in 2003. I bought myself a Korg D4 portable recorder, then later a Zoom R16. It wasn't until about 2012 when I decide to get serious with Audio Engineering. I bought Cubase Pro 6.5 and an audio interface and some studio monitors. I started producing Electronic Music under the alias Phantom Limb (dubstep) & a few years later as Antoku (deep house/nu disco) and more recently as Rhythm Ace (chill hip hop). I also started providing services to bands and started a YouTube Channel.


I've since had the pleasure of working with talented artists such as Ante Svircic, Leonard, Gypsy Mobile, Stephanie Harpe, Manobra de Massa, Gernot Gabriel, Timmy James, Mindwiser, & Cataclysm. Some of my recordings and mixes have found their way to Howie Weinberg Mastering & various radio stations.

Fun Fact: you might be surprised to learn that I have an Automotive Mechanic Certificate and a Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy and Psychology. Not only am I addicted to music, but I'm also proud of my technical and academic background.

Kevin at Shambhala music festival
studio nerd

I'm addicted to music, so naturally I spend every spare minute making music and fiddling around with gear.


festival dancer

If I'm not in the studio, I'm probably dancing up a storm in an astronaut costume at a music festival.


mountain dweller

Or you'll catch me hiking in the summer or hittin that sweet pow at the tippy top of the mountain in the winter.


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